Air Fresheners

Fragrance nowadays is not a luxury, it adds value. It acts as a basic tool that affects our feelings, our mood and our behavior.

Perfumes stimulate memories, memories affect feelings, feelings determine our mood and reaction. This is a real experience we offer to all our customers.

For Guru Aromas fragrance means:
  • Study of each space separately by Guru Aromas
  • Unique aroma experience
  • Essential Oils with Odor Inactivator for better results
  • Innovative formula 350ml from Guru Aromas R&D department
  • Reduced cost of use (perfume application every 2 months)
  • Respect for the environment and human

Fragrance Dispensers

Digital Ultimate Aero

Dispersal of fragrance through spraying.
  • Coverage of small and medium-sized areas.
  • Metered dispersal of fragrance
  • Application from heights of 2,20-2,50 meters and over
  • Dispersal using electronic timer
  • Maintained and serviced by trained personnel
  • Operates with 2 AA batteries

Digital Fragrance Diffuser

Vaporization of essential oils through high air compression.
  • Covers large to very large areas
  • Installed at any height
  • Fragrance dispersal utilizing an electronic timer
  • Maintained and serviced by trained personnel
  • Electric supply required